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Signia Face Serum HERA Singapore
Korean Face Serum Singapore
Korean Face Serum HERA Singapore


The total anti-aging care Serum makes skin elastic and radiant with the powerful vitality of 3 million Narcissus Stem Cells

all skin types day/night Skin brightening Anti-wrinkle
Korean Face Serum Singapore

Breathing strong vitality into the skin for the dazzle of its beauty

Three million narcissus stem cells developed exclusively for HERA are put into one bottle of SIGNIA SERUM for the beauty of the skin dazzling with strong vitality and health.

Korean Face Serum SG

Enchantingly beautiful, supple and smooth skin

It gives a soft veil of rich textured serum over the skin to complete the beauty of the skin. The more you apply, the smoother and suppler your skin will be.

Face Serum HERA Singapore

SIGNIA SERUM for smooth and supple skin

SIGNIA SERUM improves the skin’s firmness, tone (complexion) and glow in six weeks.

Face Serum HERA Singapore
Customer satisfaction survey The skin looks so great in the mirror that I could not keep my hands off it. 94% Test targeting 31 women (aged between 44 and 52) from October 10 to November 7, 2014 by Orange Intelligence

Korean Face Serum Singapore
Skin improvement Skin glow Week 0: 60 -> Week 6: 70 (15.0% improved) Skin firmness Week 0: 0.53 -> Week 6: 0.57 (6.51% improved) Test targeting 23 women (aged of 47.2±3.8) from September 15 to December 12, 2014 by Ellead

how to

  • Take an adequate amount after using toner and emulsion in the morning and at night, and apply across the face from the inside working outward.
  • Use: 0.4ml (pump twice, diameter: 1.2cm)
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 12 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10–30ºC, away from direct sunlight.