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Rich Curling Mascara HERA Singapore
Korean Mascara HERA Singapore
Mascara HERA SG


A curling mascara with slimmer peanut-shaped brush for dramatic curling from the root of the eyelashes

all skin types day/night
NO.79 Lash Black


Korean Mascara Singapore

Dramatic curl

Slim brush, short rod and handy grip for extreme curling

Korean Mascara SG

Smooth touch

Smooth touch to the eyelashes

Korean Mascara HERA SG


Forms a thin and light film that gives a smudge-free smooth surface to the eyelashes.


  • Easy to wash with lukewarm water

how to

  • Position the brush on the root of upper lashes for a few seconds and curl up lashes like you're lifting them.
  • Lightly brush down lower lashes.
  • Use the eyelash curler before applying mascara to create more beautiful lashes.
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 6 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10~30ºC, away from direct sunlight.
  • Precautions
    1. Do not touch the brush with your eyes.
    2. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately.
    3. If there is something wrong with your skin, please discontinue use.
    4. Do not modify / remodel the brush.