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HERA History

2018 ~ 2016

  • 2018.12
    topped the social media category at the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2018
  • 2018.11
    named the winner in the men's skin/toner/mist category at the Hwahae Beauty Awards 2018
  • 2018.10
    HERA Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2019
  • 2018.09
    as a 99% satisfaction rate product by the 2018 Allure testing panel
  • 2018.09
    named Editor’s Pick of Red Lipstick at the Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2018
  • 2018.08
    topped the lip tint and lip lacquer category at the unpa. Best of Newest
  • 2018.07
    named the winner in the sun stick category at the First Half 2018 Glowpick Consumer Beauty Awards
  • 2018.07
    named Social Editor’s Pick by Singles
  • 2018.07
    to win in the Moisturizing Lipstick category at the First Half 2018 Beauty Review Winners
  • 2018.07
    to win the award at the 2018 Powder Room Beauty Awards
  • 2018.04
    • named Allure Editor’s Pick of 2018 April
    • named ELLE Editor’s Pick of 2018 April
  • 2018.03
    named Beauty+ Editor’s Pick of 2018 March
  • 2018.03
    HERA Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2018
  • 2018.03
    named the best cushion foundation of 2018 by Singles
  • 2017.09
    named winner of the Instyle Star Beauty Awards 2017
  • 2017.09
    named winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2017
  • 2017.07
    named the sunscreen of the year at the CéCi Creator's Awards 2017
  • 2017.07
    ranked top in the Best New Beauty Products 1H 2017 by Hwahae
  • 2017.07
    HERA BLACK CUSHION advertisement video
    ranked among top 10 in Korea in the YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2Q 2017
  • 2017.06
    No.1 at the Powder Room Beauty Awards 1H 2017
  • 2017.06
    ranked top at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2017
  • 2017.04
    HERA Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2017
  • 2017.01
    named No.1 sun care product in Korea at the ELLE Korea Beauty Awards 2017
  • 2016.12
    ranked top in the cushion category at the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2016
  • 2016.10
    HERA Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017
  • 2016.10
    named the sunscreen of the year at the CéCi Creator's Awards 2016
  • 2016.09
    • named Korean cushion compact winner at the Instyle Star Beauty Awards 2016
    • named winner of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2016
  • 2016.09
    named Editor's Pick at the Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2016
  • 2016.06
    HERA Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2017
  • 2016.03
    HERA HOMME named No.1
    male cosmetics in the 2015 K-BPI hosted by the Korea Management Association Consultants

    Ranked top in the male cosmetics category for three years running

  • 2016.01
    HERA's sunscreen products selected and certificated as World-Class Products of Korea by the KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

    AMOREPACIFIC's sunscreen products included

2015 ~ 2011

  • 2015.12
    ranked top in the anti-aging category at the 2015 BEAUTY+ Super Cosmetics Awards
  • 2015.12
    • Named the Best Oil in the HEREN Magazine November Issue 2015, in a blind product test
    • Named No.1 oil serum by JoongAng Ilbo's Beauty Talk
  • 2015.10
    2016 S/S HERA Seoul Fashion Week

    The first official title for Seoul Fashion Week in its 15-year history 7-day HERA Seoul Fashion Week with fashionistas around the world The winning combination of K-Beauty and K-Fashion caught worldwide attention

  • 2015.10
    2015 Allure Best of Beauty Awards, Editor's Pick
    • SIGNIA CREAM in the anti-aging cream
    • ROUGE HOLIC in the lipstick category
  • 2015.09
    2015 Lotte MVG PICK NO.1 by Avenuel
    • MODIFIER ranked top in the anti-aging category
    • CELL-BIO CREAM SOFT ranked top in the moisturizing cream category
  • 2015.07
    2015 SURE Best Seller
    • CELL ESSENCE named No.1 whitening essence
    • SUN MATE ESSENCE GEL named No.1 sunscreen
  • 2015.07
    HEREN Best of the Best
    • AGE REVERSE CUSHION named the Best Cushion of May by a blind product test
    • CC CREAM CITY DEFENSE named the Best CC Cream of March by a blind product test
  • 2015.05
    The 27th DuPont Awards
    SQUEEZE MASCARA received the Global Innovative Packaging Award
  • 2015.05
    2015 CéCi K-Beauty Awards
    • SUN MATE ESSENCE GEL named No.1 sunscreen in Korea
    • UV MIST CUSHION ranked named No.1 cushion compact in Mainland China
  • 2015.04
    2015 Styler Best Brands 50 by Styler Magazine
    CELL ESSENCE ranked top in the water essence category
  • 2015.04
    2015 Singles Beauty Awards
    CELL-BIO CREAM named 2015 Best of the Best
  • 2015.02
    2015 SURE Beauty Awards Winner
    • UV MIST CUSHION named No.1 cushion pact in customer preference survey
    • CC CREAM named No.1 multi-base in customer preference survey
  • 2014.12
    Received the grand prize in the cosmetics category at the 11th Web Award Korea hosted
    by the Korea Internet Professionals Association
  • 2014.11
    Financial Advertisement Awards by Financial News
    HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN received grand prize in the cosmetics category
  • 2014.08
    HEREN Best of the Best
    • CELL ESSENCE named the Best Water Essence of January in a blind product test
    • PURE CC CREAM named the Best CC Cream of January in a blind product test
  • 2014.04
    Five-time winner at the 2nd CeCi K-BEAUTY AWARDS

    HERA has won awards for two years running and it has ranked 1st across 5 categories in a 3-month on/offline survey targeting around 5,000 women in Korea, Mainland China and Thailand.

    • Ranked top in the list of the most-desirable brands in Korea
    • No.1 anti-aging essence in Korea – AGE AWAY MODIFIER
    • No.1 whitening essence in Korea – WHITE PROGRAM BIOGENIC EFFECTOR
    • No.1 makeup brands in Korea
    • No.1 foundation in Korea – SOFT LAYER FOUNDATION
  • 2014.01
    Launch of CELL-BIO CREAM
    • HERA's first ingredients to be patented in five countries worldwide
    • NET (New Excellent Technology) certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    • A patent in Korea was obtained for a skincare technique that uses cream with gauze

    This cream treats overall skin problems for younger looking skin that’s visibly clearer with the help of Cell-Bio Omnifocus™, which is HERA’s next- generation anti-aging ingredient. As the result of 87,600 hours of research, it has been patented in five countries (Korea, US, France, Japan and Mainland China).

    Containing HERA Cell-Bio Technology, this much-loved cream promises fast and definite skin improvement with a special gauze-based skincare technique.

  • 2013.09
    Launch of CELL ESSENCE

    Leading Cell-Bio product

    Developed based on research into skin-restoring water and body fluid-mimicking technology that fills the skin, Cell-Bio Fluid Sync quickly fills the skin with activation energy lost from aging and stress to make the skin smooth and look radiant overnight. Use with a wave-patterned cotton pad designed for delicate and effective treatment to get clear, younger looking skin.

  • 2013.01
    The 4th reinvention of ROUGE HOLIC

    HERA has reinvented ROUGE HOLIC as a smooth, glide-on lipstick that offers rich, full-bodied colors. It features a unique texture that feels silky-smooth on the lips and delivers stay-true color that feels moist and lasts long on the lips like lip gloss.

  • 2013.01
    The 2nd reinvention of HERA HOMME

    HERA HOMME is a luxurious men's skincare product line designed for young professionals who create their own style with their inimitable trend-setting sense and independent spirit. HERA HOMME offers cell science-based skincare solutions optimized for men’s skin through its strong commitment to research into men's skin, skincare regimes, grooming behavior and the latest grooming trends.

  • 2012.11
    UV MIST CUSHION received an excellence award (the minister's prize) at the 2012 Korea Technology Awards hosted by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

    Developed a new sponge multi-cushion formula using Cell-Trap technology

  • 2012.09
    The 5th reinvention of HERA SKINCARE

    HERA marked a milestone in the history of advanced bio-cosmetics with the reinvented Abcell 2.0 that, in addition to the previous cell structure-mimicking Abcell™, embodies the key function of the cell – its perfect bio structure.

  • 2012.05
    Launch of HD FIX MAKEUP

    HD FIX MAKEUP allows makeup to last 12 hours through high-coverage Hyper-fine Dispersion Technology that is the zenith of advanced HD technology and a new flexible, skin-fitting makeup layer named BIO-GEL.

  • 2011.02
    Launch of AGE AWAY MAKEUP

    AGE AWAY MAKEUP is the perfect premium makeup line that provides perfect coverage to create young, bright and smooth, wrinkle-free skin that looks naturally flawless and shines from within.

2010 ~ 2006

  • 2010.11
    PREPERFECTION SERUM received the IR52 Jang Yeong-sil Award
  • 2010.10
    WHITE PROGRAM EFFECTOR won the 2010 iF Communication Design Award
  • 2010.06
    Named amongst the hit products in first-half of 2010 by the Kyunghyang Shinmun, Named amongst the hit products in first-half of 2010 by the Hankook Ilbo, Received the 2010 first-half Consumer Choice Award by the Korea Economic Daily
  • 2009.11
    • Named amongst the hit products in the second-half of 2009 by the Segye Ilbo / Kyunghyang Shinmun / Kukmin Ilbo / Seoul Shinmun
    • Named winner of Marketing Prize by the Seoul Economic Daily
  • 2009.11
    HERA HOMME received the grand prize in the magazine category at the 36th Advertisement Awards hosted by the Maeil Business Newspaper
  • 2009.08
    The 4th reinvention of HERA SKINCARE

    HERA SKINCARE has evolved from the concept of The 2nd Skin into the most advanced cell science-based skincare line available with Abcell™, which is a skin cell-mimicking ingredient for cell regeneration developed through the application of microfluidic cell science.

  • 2008.10

    HERA V COLLAGENIC is a special facial firming product line from HERA that is essential for keeping the facial shape. It was launched in response to the increasing segmentation of anti-aging cosmetic products and became an instant hit, helping to coin new words such as V-line and Heart line. It comes in three varieties: HERA V COLLAGENIC SERUM, HERA V COLLAGENIC CREAM and HERA V COLLAGENIC MASK (sheet mask).

  • 2008.07
    The 1st reinvention of HERA HOMME

    The idea for reinvention of HERA HOMME came from changes in the male cosmetics market with an increasing number of men are scooping skincare products. Reinvented HERA HOMME features improved effectiveness of products that take care of both in and outside of men's skin through combination of excellent ingredients and advanced technologies, and a wide range of selections designed for different skin types and concerns of men.

  • 2008.05
    Launch of the HERA DERMA KIT

    A dramatic combination of beauty and IT – HERA DERMA KIT was the must-have product of 2008. Upon its release, it brought about a noticeable change through the combination of HERA's skin whitening and anti-aging knowhow and a powerful skincare mechanism that delivers the effective ingredients using an ultrasonic wave.

  • 2008.04

    HERA MAKEUP was reborn as COLOR ALCHEMY MAKEUP inspired from the practice of alchemy which seeks to fashion gold from natural elements. COLOR ALCHEMY MAKEUP is designed to express different variations of textures and color senses through color balance and harmony (color alchemy) based on the four main elements of alchemy – water, fire, earth and wind – in order to bring out the innate beauty of women as a glittering aura.

  • 2007.12
    HERA KATHANO CREAM received the grand prize at the PIN UP Design Awards hosted by KAID
  • 2007.03
    Ranked 1st in female color cosmetics and men’s cosmetics categories at the K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) hosted by KMAC (Korea Management Association Consultants)
  • 2006.08
    HERA MASCARA AUTO MAGIC received the silver award at the 19th DuPont Award

    HERA MASCARA AUTO MAGIC became the first Korean-made product to receive the silver award for its innovative rotating brush design at the 19th DuPont Award held on August 11, 2006 in Philadelphia.

  • 2006.05
    HERA KATHANO CREAM received the German IF Design Award
  • 2006.03
    Ranked 1st in female skincare products, female color cosmetics and men’s cosmetics categories at the K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) hosted by KMAC (Korea Management Association Consultants)
  • 2006.02
    The 3rd reinvention of HERA SKINCARE

    HERA SKINCARE LINE evolved based on cell science that creates an optimum environment in which skin cells could maintain their ideal state under the concept of The 2nd Skin (the 2nd skin born from within the skin) to help renew the skin and prevent it from losing its gloss. The innovative package design (Slim line) implemented through collaboration with a global creative agency IDEO was also recognized with the design award.

2005 ~ 2001

  • 2005.10
    Reinvention of HERAtelier MAKEUP

    "Makeup is an exquisite art work that brings out women’s innate beauty." HERA MAKEUP introduced a new version of HERAtelier that highlights modern femininity and creativity with strong commitment, just as an artist creates a work of art in an atelier.

  • 2005.04
    Launch of HERA HOMME

    HERA reinvented its scented skincare line HERA for Men as HERA HOMME to better respond to the changing needs of grooming by offering tailor-made products for different skin types based on intense research into men's skin.

  • 2005.03
    Ranked 1st in the female cosmetics category at the K-BPI (Korea Brand Power Index) hosted by KMAC (Korea Management Association Consultants)
  • 2004.05
    Received the grand prize in the brand leadership category at the 2004 Korea Marketing Awards

    HERA won the grand prize for its project of introducing art-inspired makeup to enhance brand assets in the brand leadership category at the 2004 Korea Marketing Awards hosted by KMAC (Korea Management Association Consultants).

  • 2004.03
    HERA sponsored Seoul Collection

    HERA, as a brand synonymous with female beauty, sponsored the entire Seoul Collection to enhance its image as a beauty brand that goes with fashion. For the event, it offered backstage makeup for five designers – Kim Yeon-ju, Hong Eun-ju, Woo Yeong-mi, Jeong Wook-jun and Park Eun-kyung – and served to inspire others as an example of how a beauty brand could work with high fashion to create beauty.

  • 2004.03
    Launch of HERA S'lite

    In line with the global trend for health and well-being, HERA introduced a health food named VB PROGRAM S'lite SLIMMER and the body shaping solution HERA S'lite DESIGNER. For this, HERA worked in association with V=B Program to make a comprehensive body shaping program to keep the body in a beautiful, smooth shape by managing total body fat and partial body shape.

  • 2004.03
    HERA went to Paris – sponsorship of Prêt-à-Porter

    HERA made up models backstage for Designer Lee Yeong-hui and Moon Jeong-hui in the Prêt-à-Porter show held in Paris in March and October, 2003 to enhance the fashion sense and global sense of HERAtelier MAKEUP.

  • 2003.09
    Launch of anti-aging specialist, AGE AWAY LINE

    HERA AGE AWAY LINE embarked on a new chapter in the anti-aging field with skincare and base makeup products containing ERP (Essential Returning Pool), which is an ingredient made from FDP inside the body that is capable of facilitating vital activity and protecting organ tissue.

  • 2002.06
    Launch of HERAtelier MAKEUP

    HERAtelier is a compound word from HERA and atelier, which symbolizes creativity. As such, HERAtelier contains an artist’s sense of color sensitivity, similar to how the first atelier is originated. The launch of HERAtelier with the help of Makeup Creative Director Damien Dufresne added the sensitivity of artist to all the products in the range, including seasonal collections, and enhanced the brand’s on-trend image.

  • 2002.01
    The 2nd reinvention of HERA SKINCARE

    HERA SKINCARE took note of the environment in which cells could grow to keep the skin young and healthy. Based on this research, it developed the isotonic water HERA Nectar and launched a range of products that respond to different skin types and concerns.

  • 2001.09
    Scouted Creative Director Damien Dufresne

    HERA tapped famous French makeup artist Damien Dufresne for the position of makeup creative director to build a sophisticated and modern, European- style image that would do justice to HERA's own sense of beauty. By enhancing the uniqueness and impact of HERA MAKEUP with creative knowhow and ideas, HERA has positioned itself as a brand that sets the trend.

  • 2001.06
    HERA opened its own website

    In June 2001, HERA opened the brand site ( and carried out a promotional campaign targeting women aged between 25 and 35 in celebration of its website launch. HERA selected an online PR mission to represent the brand and commenced a range of online communication programs featuring novel, brilliant and creative ideas, such as enticing online promotional campaigns using constellations.

  • 2001.03
    Introduced HERA's own Color Matching System

    Through skin color measurement in 1999 and a base makeup color preference survey in 2001, HERA identified the colors preferred by each age group and accordingly developed base makeup products. HERA developed its own color matching system in association with the leading color research institute in Korea to provide a counselling tool that helps customers easily find their own color preference.

2000 ~ 1995

  • 2000.10
    Picked Lee Hye-sang as the 4th-generation model for HERA
  • 2000.02
    Recruited a makeup artist as creative director

    HERA started a makeup collection development project with the American makeup artist Joseph Boggess. HERA’s collections are constantly updated to be more fashionable and on-trend and, for this, it actively collaborates with renowned foreign makeup artists as part of its beauty philosophy to reinterpret Western esthetics from an Asian perspective.

  • 1999.09
    HERA ranked 1st amongst Korean brands in the BEI (Brand Equity Index) survey

    HERA overtook Chanel to be named the most-preferred brand by Korean customers in the BEI (Brand Equity Index) survey conducted by Novaction Japan & Korea in September, 1999.

  • 1999.05
    The 1st reinvention of HERA BASE MAKEUP

    HERA BASE MAKEUP was renewed to provide colors that best suit the range of Korean skin tones under the motto of pursuing skin aesthetics through technological and emotional innovation.

  • 1999.01
    The 1st reinvention of HERA SKINCARE

    Based on the theory of skin physiology about signal transmission between cells, HERA SKINCARE has evolved into a line that heals the skin at a cellular level through joint research between German CLR.

  • 1998.09
    Launch of HERA BODY LINE

    With the launch of a luxurious, elegant-scented body care line, HERA widened its product portfolio as a total brand.

  • 1998.05
    Launch of HERA for Men

    Launched as a scented male skincare line for men with aesthetic sense, HERA for Men is the predecessor of the leading grooming care line in Korea – HERA HOMME.

  • 1997.04

    As Korea's first ampoule-type whitening program with separate powder and fluid (essence) it became an instant hit.

  • 1995.11
    Launch of HERA SKINCARE

    HERA SKINCARE is the fruition of intense research into Korean skin. HERA noticed that the skin starts to lose its ideal rhythm at the age of 25. With that insight as its starting point, it launched a skincare line with Harmony Complex as the key ingredient to help the skin return to its ideal state through cell activation, moisturization and sebum control. The result was a new chapter in cell science-based skincare.

  • 1995.01
    Launch of prestige brand HERA

    When global leading beauty brands first broke into the Korean market, HERA was born with the slogan: a woman with allure. It soon grew into the leading prestige brand in Korea through its exclusiveness, with technologies that enabled the implementation of fashionable colors, counselling for different skin types and analysis of skin/emotion, excellent-quality products and strong network-based marketing campaigns.