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A special reviving solution for tired skin


Vitality of narcissus breathed into the withered skin, HERA SIGNIA

If you happen to be concerned about tired skin that has lost its firmness, HERA SIGNIA can become the key to a bright and vibrant complexion. It offers a powerful anti-aging benefit with narcissus stem cells delivering the tenacious vitality of narcissus and Stem-Cord™ technology to realize a youthful and healthy look of skin. This experience can become exceptionally effective when combined with HERA SIGNIA CREAM and SIGNIA AMPOULE.

Total anti-aging cream with the powerful vitality derived from three million stem cells of narcissus blooms the youth on your skin
Ampoule with the essence of vitality within three million stem cells of narcissus reveals an exceptional look of vibrant, and elastic skin

SIGNIA CREAM & AMPOULE: Three key points

Powerful vitality of narcissus
Your skin is rejuvenated with the carefully collected vitality of narcissus which flowers in the rough environment.
Unrivaled technology
HERA’s proprietary Stem-Cord™ technology delivers active ingredients effectively to keep your skin younger and healthier.
Pleasant texture
Mildly scented with a soft fragrance, the formula penetrates the skin quickly with a refreshing finish to deliver a pleasant sensation.