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The ultimate solution for men’s skin – HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN

PRINTS 2017-01-06
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Strong and fundamental skin solution that gives skin confidence

- New ESSENCE IN SKIN | For whitening and anti-wrinkle

For perfect men’s skin

Men’s style starts with their skin and great skincare for men starts with HERA HOMME.
Build up your presence through the skincare solution that treats the underlying cause of men’s skin troubles.

Perfect first impression for full confidence in the selfTo young men in the prime of their life, well-groomed skin is worth more than what it actually is when it comes to making a great first impression. The first impression is made in five seconds and, for that, HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN effectively treats men’s five biggest troubles: excessive sebum, pores, dry skin, wrinkles and skin tone. HERA HOMME’s special effective ingredient Penta-Power Complex™ will make your skin perfectly clean and smooth for your best days.

Luxury total skincare solution for men of depth who always look freshMen need a simple and yet perfect skincare solution. HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is highly enriched yet gives a refreshing finish without leaving the skin feeling oily. Its gentle and sensual fragrance creates a confident and sophisticated image. Experience special moments with HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN to provide the skin with deep hydration and strength.

  • Unwearying energy boost, Penta-Power Complex™
    You are a perfectionist to your fingertips. And for you, Penta-Power Complex™ combining five effective ingredients gives healthy skin full of energy. Fill your skin with fresh energy through HERA HOMME’s special effective ingredient Penta-Power Complex™ for perfect skin. Your perfect skin will boost your tireless passion.


HERA HOMME BASIC line for that perfect momentInstant moisturizing and nourishing to give you skin confidence

Powerful energy boosting ESSENCE IN SKINA highly functional anti-aging toner with 87.2% of Penta-Power Complex™ (125ml, whitening and anti-wrinkle product)

ESSENCE IN EMULSION with exceptional moisturizing effectAn energy boosting essence-in-emulsion for moisturizing and oil-moisture balancing (110mL)

SUPER AQUA CREAM for instant moisturizingA moisturizing cream that instantly delivers ample moisture to the skin for a healthy and vibrant complexion(40mL)