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HERA releases Summer Limited Edition EYE GLOSS

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HERA releases summer limited edition EYE GLOSS in July 2016 for luxurious shimmer and long-lasting color, even on hot summer days.

Summer Limited Edition HERA EYE GLOSS is designed for eye makeup that's free from smudging and creasing in hot weather conditions. Three wearable neutral shades with high-color pearl pigments give the skin a luxurious pearlescent look.
It is a light, smooth-textured liquid type eye shadow that's easy to wear. Its base formulated with liquid and volatile oil holds pearl pigments without creasing, while highly volatile film former quickly blends to ensure long-lasting color. Summer Limited Edition of HERA EYE GLOSS for the luxury of shimmer comes in three colors: NO.1 COCONUT SHINE, NO.2 AVIS CORAL and NO.3 COPPER BEIGE that work for everyone.

Summer Limited Edition HERA EYE GLOSS will be available at HERA counters in department stores nationwide from July. Don't miss out!