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The new key to strong skin vitality, SIGNIA AMPOULE

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In January 2016, HERA SIGNIA brings its own unique signature story to life with the new HERA SIGNIA AMPOULE that provides enhanced vital power.

This new HERA SIGNIA AMPOULE focuses on the powerful vital energy of narcissus collecting energy during the night. The skin produces antioxidants at night to alleviate the signs of skin aging formed in the daytime. Plus, a sound sleep brings essential beauty benefits of purifying and detoxifying the skin for youthful and beautiful skin. Inspired by this insight, HERA applied Stem-Cord Night™ technology which creates an environment for the skin's sound sleep to SIGNIA AMPOULE to deliver intensive anti-aging effect during the night. And, moreover, it protects the skin against stress, UV rays and external irritants during the day to offer total anti-aging care tuned to the skin's natural biorhythm. HERA's 4-week total anti-aging ampoule program transforms the skin for a whole new powerful beauty.

HERA's first dual liquid-ampoule formula is designed to break the internal phase (i.e. highly nourishing antioxidant EAE) at the core right before use and mix it with the external phase of five million narcissus stem cells to provide more intensive care within a short period of time. Glutathione is added here to energize the skin and improve its antioxidant action for total anti-aging effect. Its non-sticky texture deeply penetrates the skin and keeps it moist and smooth for a long time, taking the health and beauty of your skin to a whole new level. This product is designed to be used after toner in the morning and evening: pump it 3-4 times, put a small amount on the cheeks, chin and forehead and then gently spread over the face outward from the center. Combine it with a double massage for special care that can boost the anti-aging effect. .