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하기 내용 참조

Following the beloved UV MIST CUSHION, another wonder from HERA is coming this May 2015 to take women's skin to a more beautiful and dramatic moment.

HERA AGE REVERSE CUSHION is an anti-aging Cushion that maximizes beauty with fully elastic skin and radiant and clean energy. HERA AGE REVERSE CUSHION is now available in a slimmer and lighter form and it gives a powerful antioxidant effect from glycoprotein water obtained from the cell walls of birch shoots, as well as from wine extract. The upgraded Cushion employees HERA's new 'Omni-veil Tech' technology, which creates more elastic skin texture when dabbed onto the face to help prevent skin aging and promote cell restoration.

In addition, the double cell-structured puff provides easy absorption and discharge to deliver the formula undamaged to the skin without absorbing the content. Plus, the royal purple scent adds to the charm and subtleness to help realize elegant and luxurious feminine beauty.

If you want to feel the true brightness of anti-aging from inside the skin, then check out HERA AGE REVERSE CUSHION in May 2015, which will lead every moment to the climax of beauty.