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Oil Serum HERA Singapore
Korean Oil Serum Singapore


Refreshing oil serum with all the advantages of serum and oil, making the skin elastic , radiant, and full of moisture

all skin types day/night Anti-wrinkle
Korean Oil Serum HERA Singapore

Serum and oil mixed at the ratio of 6:4

It presents deep hydration with a refreshing finish through 42% ylang-ylang blending oil split into micro-sized particles.

Korean Oil Serum Singapore

3-phased magically transforming texture from gel to water and then oil

Its original texture is fresh light gel, but transforms into water and again into oil to help the skin absorb fast. It works especially great with cushion foundation for natural and glowing skin makeup.

Magical moisturizing & firming effects

HERA’s original Cell-Bio MoistTM technology delivers natural nourishing oil deep into the skin and moisturizes it from within while ensuring a remarkable improvement in skin firmness, radiance and reduction of wrinkles.

Korean Oil Serum SG
Customer satisfaction survey on the instant perceptible effect of HERA OIL SERUM MAGIC FORMULA The skin feels well hydrated 95% The face as well as the neck feel moisturized 95% The skin gives a delicate glow after the serum is absorbed into the skin 95% - Test targeting 20 women aged between 36 and 45 from June 26 to July 17, 2015 by Ellead

how to

Gently apply all over the face in the serum (essence) step of your skincare routine in morning and at night, and cover the face with your hands to help the skin absorb.

  • Shelf Life

    how to

    • Use within 12 months from opening.
    • Keep the product in a cool place at 10–30ºC away from direct sunlight.