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HD Perfect Face Powder HERA Singapore
Korean Makeup Face Powder Singapore
Korean Beauty Face Powder HERA Singapore
Korean Face Powder HERA SG


A delicate powder with particles as light as air for skin with longer-lasting brightness.

all skin types day/night
15g / 12g


Foundation Powder HERA SG

UHD- pixel Technology offers perfect coverage

UHD- pixel Technology is a special coverage formula unique to HERA, which has drawn inspiration from the way UHD imaging technology reduces the size of unit pixels and minimizes margin to give a more definite and clear image. A special coverage formula with the feel of fine and soft powder particles to give thin and even coverage for perfect looking skin.

Long-lasting effect of SPX

Sebum-control powder is important for keeping makeup as fresh as when it was first applied. SPX (Sebum-sorb Powder X) has exceptional sebum control effect to keep your skin looking fresh and bright all day long.

Hemi-LAMP Powder for dimension and radiant complexion of the skin

Semi-circular Hemi-LAMP Powder thoroughly and quickly sets on the skin to give a smooth and perfect fit. Plus, it reflects clear light from the outside to make the skin look young and bright with dimension.

It fits all skin types. Choose depending on your desired look of the skin.

  • No.01 (SKIN BEIGE): thin and soft powder with silicon particles that sit lightly onto the skin to give soft and bright skin.
  • No.02 (AIR PINK): creamy smooth powder controls excess oil and large pores to keep makeup in place for a long time.

how to

    Put an adequate amount on the puff and dab it over the face.

  • How to Use
    Magic starter → HD perfect foundation → HD perfect powder → HD perfect powder pact
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 24 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10–30ºC away from direct sunlight.