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Secret Party Make Up

Pink Breeze Make-up
HERA X Edith Carron SECRET PARTY BLACK CUSHION NO.21 VANILLA : A makeup cushion foundation with a lightweight texture for comfortable yet beautiful skin all day long
HERA X Edith Carron SECRET PARTY LIP BOX : Lip box packed with three colors of ROUGE HOLIC SECRET BEAM for luscious and voluptuous full lips



Add the warmth to the look with the flush of bright and soft spring pink over the eyes and cheeks.

STEP 1. Create smooth flawless skin using BLACK CUSHION NO.21.
STEP 2. Use HUSH PINK, ROSY MELODY and SWEET BROWN in EYE PALETTE to create a lovely tone-on-tone makeup look.
STEP 3. Add gloss to the lips with ROUGE HOLIC SECRET BEAM NO.02 PARTY-FUL CORAL in LIP BOX.