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Secret Party Make Up

Exotic Garden Make-up
HERA X Edith Carron SECRET PARTY BLACK CUSHION NO.21 VANILLA, A makeup cushion foundation with a lightweight texture for comfortable yet beautiful skin all day long
HERA X Edith Carron SECRET PARTY EYE PALETTE, A palette offering six beautiful colors of a smooth and luxuriously well-textured eyeshadow for gorgeous-looking eyes



Green eyeshadow reminiscent of fresh forest for an exotic party makeup look.

STEP 1. Smooth out the skin using BLACK CUSHION NO.21.
STEP 2. Sweep CREAMY WHISPER in EYE PALETTE over the whole eyelids, apply EXOTIC GREEN along the crease and then blend MINT HARMONY on the center of the eyelids.
STEP 3. Fill in the lips with ROUGE HOLIC SECRET BALM NO.01 SHEER ROSE in LIP BOX for voluptuous lips.