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The power of 2.4 million narcissus plant cells
that awaken the energy inside the skin
시그니아 루미네서스 래디언스 퍼밍 세럼 이미지
시그니아 루미네서스 래디언스 퍼밍 세럼 이미지
시그니아 루미네서스 래디언스 퍼밍 세럼 이미지
Heritage of skin science,
the essence of 50 years of research

HERA has studied skin concerns
modern women for the past
50 years
to offer them the solution
they need most.
Powerful vitality.
It was the solution HERA found
to protect the skin
the alarming increase
of harmful
external irritants
in the changing

피구연구의 헤리티지, 50년 연구의 정수 이미지
강인한 생명력의 비밀, 나르시스 식물세포 이미지
Narcissus plant cell,
the secret of powerful vitality

HERA discovered the secret for
vitality from the strength
of the narcissus,
which always
grows back and gives forth
beautiful flowers in a barren land
watered after cutting
its flowers and
The narcissus plant cell,
the essence of
HERA’s skincare
and the envy of all,
through 30 years of
and 7 human clinical


Golden Peptide™
with 2.4 million narcissus plant cells
and three of the most valuable jewels
  • 01 2.4 narcissus plant cells Concentrate of narcissus plant cells with powerful vitality

    Highly concentrated Golden Peptide™
    with 2.4 million narcissus plant cells, the essence of HERA’s skincare
    awaken powerful vitality inside the skin.

  • 02 Three of the most valuable jewels Diamond, black pearl and gold for radiant skin

    Diamond, black pearl and gold,
    known for their skincare benefits,
    instantly give a healthy radiance to the skin.


Anti-glycation through Golden Peptide™
to bring
back the skin’s firmness
and its natural healthy radiance
Anti-glycation Purifies dull, tightened skin, two signs of skin aging to improve firmness.
안티-글리케이션 이미지

Anti-glycation : Golden Peptide™ the essence of HERA’ skincare research
helps treat dull, tightened skin, signs of skin aging, through purification and
at the same time, fights glycation inside the skin to make it glow from within.

Firmness and radiance Skin that glows once again and gets its firmness back
탄력 광채 이미지

Golden Peptide™ purifies dull, tightened skin, signs of skin aging
through its anti-glycation action.
As a high-purity diamond shines itself,
your skin shines with a healthy clear glow when purified.

Treating dull, tightened skin, signs of skin aging,
to make the skin glow again from within.
Skin improvement 6-week skin transformation into a healthy glowing complexion
Pressure mark relief +48.4%
Skin glow* +41.0%
Skin density +13.8%
Skin clarity +5.0%
Customer Satisfaction Survey Firm and radiant skin in six weeks
  • 100%

    The skin feels
    denser and bouncier.

  • 96.8%

    The skin feels

  • 96.8%

    The skin feels as though
    it has become brighter and clearer.

  • 96.8%

    The skin feels smooth
    with the appearance of wrinkles
    having been reduced, and
    the skin’s suppleness improved.

  • Institution: Global Medical Research Center
  • Period: May 27 to July 9, 2020 / No. of subjects: 30
* Results immediately after use

How to use

시그니아 루미네소스 쥬얼코어존 광채 리추얼
  • Jewel Core Zone

    Core firmness of the face is as important as the core strength of the body.
    SIGNIA LUMINESOURCE takes care of the Jewel Core Zone
    made up of 10 points around the center of the face.

    쥬얼케어존 이미지
    • Above the chin
    • Below the lips
    • Around the mouth
    • Below the cheekbones
    • Center of the cheeks
    • Under the eyes
    • Around the eyes
    • Above the eyes
    • Between the eyebrows
    • Forehead
  • Jewel Core Zone care

    Create firm and radiant skin through the LUMINESOURCE 3-step Jewel Core Ritual

    • STEP 1 Stretching Loosen tight muscles through
      facial stretching for skin purification
      쓸어주기, 두드리기 방법 이미지
      Stroking Patting
    • STEP 2 Lifting Core lifting / boosting the firmness
      of aged areas of the face
      끌어올리기, 눌러주기 방법 이미지
      Lifting Pressing
    • STEP 3 Relaxing Relax the skin to make it glow from within / skin moisturizing and conditioning
      덧바르기, 감싸주기 방법 이미지
      Reapplying Wrapping