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Fixer that seals makeup on the skin and providing a healthy glow to the skin as it closely adheres to makeup like a magnet

all skin types day/night

Multi-purpose item to use before and after makeup

It adds a healthy glow to the skin when used as part of the skincare routine and preps the skin into an even-toned base when used in the makeup step so that it takes makeup better. In addition, it allows makeup to stay in place when used on top of makeup.

Fine mist for moisturizing effect

It spritzs fine misty particles onto the skin to provide moisture for the skin and hold makeup in place. Cotton extract moisturizes the skin to prevent it from drying while natural coconut oil and beet extract together help the skin stay moisturized. Moreover, fine particles do not evaporate but stay on the skin in a thin even layer. Experience the all-day moisturizing effect.

how to

Shake the mist 1-2 times to mix moisturizing ingredients well and spray in a circular motion at least 20cm away from the face to hold makeup in place or when your skin feels dry. Leave it to dry or fan yourself to help the skin absorb it faster.

What’s good about fanning yourself?

  • It allows Fixing Polymer to form into a radiant film to help the skin retain moisture and hold makeup better in place.
  • Fanning doesn’t make your skin dry as the product has high polyol content.