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True Wear Foundation & Twin Cake


Look fresh all day-long with a natural-bright complexion True Wear Foundation & Twin Cake

Light and smooth, True Wear Foundation

True Wear Foundation modifies the skin texture and tone to create a beautiful, smooth, and flawless skin. It contains birch tree sap and narcissus extracts to keep the skin moist and bright all-day long. It offers weightless texture and a long-lasting application accompanied with a natural finish and trendy color. It is the best skin make-up item for a perfection-driven Seoulista.

A natural-bright complexion, True Wear Twin Cake

True Wear Twin Cake provides a thin and weightless application with a long-lasting effect. It also keeps the skin moisturized and comfortable, which makes it an essential item to create a perfect skin make-up. It stays firm on the skin and keeps it moisturized all day long. Its reflecting lighting powder has a reflecting plate effect to reward the skin with a luxurious glow.