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Meets SEOULISTA – Son Jung-min


A special way of viewing of objects, Son Jung-min

Her table, walls of rooms, tea cups and other surrounding objects become her canvas. She began drawing when she worked as a fashion designer in New York. She studied accessory design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked as a brand designer for Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim, during which she drew the faces of her colleagues for fun. The drawings were simple made up of a few lines and colors. Her colleagues started posting them on their social network pages, through which people from various fields who saw her drawings and they became curious about the illustrator. Among them were people who wanted to use her drawings commercially. With newfound confidence, Son wrapped up her New York life and returned to Seoul to begin her life as an artist.

It has been five years and as for now, the transformation has been quite successful. She is preparing an illustration art book with drawings that combine celebrities with plants. She is also collaborating with a beauty brand and recently revealed a fun collaboration menu with Print Bakery. Son believes that artworks are more meaningful if you can use it in real-life. Her drawings are commercial, but her work process is very classical where all drawings are done by hand using paintbrushes and pens. Colors tend to naturally smear, spread, and bundle by coincidence when working by hand which adds warmth to the artwork. She has the charm of healing the viewers who enjoy her artworks.

A cactus flower represents luck so I draw it on top of people’s heads. It’s my hope that good things come to these modern expressionless people exhausted from their daily lives.
  • What inspires you?

    Everything I see, hear and experience. Having conversations with people that have good tastes, reading books, seeing new plants, realizing that my neighborhood suddenly looks different, coming across moments that I desperately want to remember. All of these become source of my artworks.
  • Where do you spend your everyday?

    I don’t really leave the area I live in. I wake up in the morning and take a walk, and then begin my work with a cup of coffee. The scent of grass after a rainy day wakens my soul and helps with my artwork.
  • What city is Seoul?

    Romantic yet lonely city. It is a place where deficiency and abundance co-exist. If I were to take a 2-day trip to Seoul, I’d eat and drink at a neighborhood restaurant during the day, and then tour around art galleries. When the sun sets, I’d head over to Hong Geon-ok’s House to enjoy relaxation in a calm atmosphere.
  • Any advice to women in their 20s?

    Everything you thought of doing someday, do it now. Time flies fast and youth does not return once it goes by. Don’t waste your essential time and make sure to fill it up.