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The creation of new BB oil: BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL

PRINTS 2016-11-01
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The creation of new BB oil: Get glowing skin to freshen up before makeup

Make silky-smooth and moisturized glossy skin with refreshing oil without stickiness.
Quickly absorbed the moment it's applied, it works to reinforce the skin barrier before makeup for effective skincarethat makes the skin look refined all day.

Makeup-ready skin

Silky and glossy makeup-ready skin without stickiness
The Fast-to-Go Formula is quickly absorbed without stickiness the moment it touches the skinto create a solid foundation before makeup and provide smooth, naturally glowing makeup-ready skin all day.

Excellent moisturizing effect

Soft texture that's like applying ampoule
The light texture fills up the skin with moisture,instantly creating dazzling skin to allow easy mix and matching with both skincare and makeup products.

Four natural botanical oils

Creates a smooth skin texture with a powerful moisturizing effect
A harmony of four natural botanical oils such as coconut, argan, jojoba and rosehip oils andthe moisturizing effect of Cell-Bio Glow™ make the skin texture soft and smooth.

30 ml / KRW 75,000+