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Get vibrant youthful skin with flawless care

PRINTS 2016-11-01
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Get vibrant youthful skin with flawless care for perfect men's skin with instant impact

New and upgraded HERA HOMME BASIC Line that reflects the latest research on male lifestyles!Capture attention in five seconds by resolving five types of skin concerns by replenishing five types of skin energy! The 5-5-5 skincare routine for men gives confidence with improved skin.

Perfect skin that gives men back their confidence
Research shows you have just five seconds to make a good first impression!You can convey a professional and confident image with well refined skin.

Finding solutions to the five major skin concerns shared by men
Regain health for exhausted skin by taking care of men's major skin concerns, such as sebum, pores, dehydration, dull skin tone and wrinkles.

Penta-Power Complex™ fills up men's skin with powerful energy
Essence containing Penta-Power Complex™ with five (Penta) effective ingredients that fill up the skin with powerful energy, giving it added vitality and vigor. .※ ESSENCE IN SKIN (main product): Contains 87.2% essence ingredient

  • [Penta-Power Complex™]
    It is HERA HOMME's technology-based effective ingredient made from caffeine, an energy booster specialized for men's skin, as well as energy sources such as vitamin B5 derivatives, vitamin B3, minerals, and amino acids. It cares for various concerns for men's skin, while filling it with powerful energy for added vitality and vigor.