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MOUSSE TREATMENT (Luxury August issue)

PRINTS 2014-08-01
무스 트리트먼트

A new chapter in the history of anti-aging skincare – mousse treatment

On hot summer days, it can sometimes seem too hot to pay attention to skincare.
And anti-aging care, which usually leaves you with a heavy sensation, might be the last thing you want to do when it comes to your skincare.
For skin injured by strong UV rays and hot air, and again injured by skincare that doesn't work as desired, HERA brings you ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT, a new mousse-type anti-aging care product.

Mousse that brings health back to your skin

Mousse-type skincare products have recently become popular, both at home and abroad. Following the success of its SUN MATE COOLING MOUSSE SPF50+/PA+++ and SILKY CLEANSING MOUSSE, HERA has introduced its third mousse product, meaning it is leading the trend for mousse-type skincare. This is ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT for anti-aging care. What is most noticeable about this new product is its texture, which is so soft that it's like fresh cream. It's easy to use: the ultra-soft foam is applied fresh and thin and won't flow down easily. The main ingredient that adds to skin vitality is Epi-Vitalizing Cycler™. It restores the turnover of the skin back to its normal cycles, and reinforces the skin barrier to protect your skin from damage by external stimulation. The sparkling foam that gives the skin a fine massage not only promotes blood circulation, but also brings more elasticity to your skin. Every evening, after finishing your skincare routine, take a cherry tomato-sized amount, and apply it evenly on the skin, except for the area around the eyes and mouth. After 3 minutes, as the final step of your anti-aging care, tap the residual foam to help it absorb into the skin. You will feel your dry and sensitive skin calm down.

Reviews of ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT by Luxury editors

"Sometimes, even using a sheet mask is quite bothersome to me, but HERA's ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT is very easy to use, as you don't need to take it off or wash it off after using it. Unlike other mask products that require you to stay still for 10-15 minutes, you can move or sit and watch TV as normally, as the mousse won't slip down. This makes it easy to wear it every night. My skin always looked tired due to strong UV rays. After I use it for several nights, my skin has started to look healthier. My skin used to be so dry that my face felt dry, even right after begin washed. Now I think my skin is healthier, as my face doesn't feel tight, even without skincare for quite a long period of time." - Lee Seong-jin, Beauty Director

"I love this novel texture, which makes it feel like fresh cream. Now, I love to apply it every night. My body temperature tends to be high, and I felt as if the cream were melting gently as soon as I applied it. Plus, the cream absorbs on very fast. The best part is that, as soon as you use it, your skin begins to look brighter. It is also amazing that this does not feel sticky or heavy at all. I was thinking about starting anti-aging care, and now I think I have found my first anti-aging product." - Back Ae-na, Beauty Editor

The ultra-fine bubbles make your skin strong and elastic.
The soft mousse-type product makes it much easier for you to do skincare, even on hot summer days. HERA.