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PRINTS 2014-07-14
하단 내용 참조

Post-holiday care and anti-aging care in one go – HERA ESSENTIAL MOUSSE TREATMENT

The mousse is enjoying its time in the sun! There are so many kinds of mousse products, from foam cleansers to sunscreens, foundations and expensive masks that used to be available only abroad.
The chief benefit of mousse-type products is how easy they are to use. Just apply on your skin, and the automatic massaging effect from the ultra fine bubbles in sparkling foam will take care of the rest.
No worries about slipping down or having to take it off – and that's because it's a mousse. It's ok to apply a lot, as it will perfectly absorb into your skin.
Immediately, you can feel your skin fully provided with moisture and nutrition, and your skin feels much softer.
And, the morning after, you'll wake up with skin that has a more bright tone and which makeup applies well.
Now don't you really want to try a mousse mask?

How to use a mousse mask effectively

  • Before using it, shake it 5-6 times to mix cosmetic ingredients evenly.
  • Place the container vertically and gently push the pump and take a cherry tomato sized amount (2.5 cm).
  • Apply it thinly and evenly on the entire face and neck, except the area around the eyes and mouth, then wait for 3 minutes.
  • Gently pat the residual foam with hands and help it absorb into skin by covering it gently with your palm.