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HERA launches 3 CC items

press_releaseT00:00:00.214+09:00 2015-02-11

HERA launches 3 items from the CC line, which is the complete-care makeup line to give smooth, bright younger-looking skin with a good moisturizing effect.

The new 3 CC items provide a moist, smooth texture that feels nothing like conventional makeup products, but like a skincare product on the skin. Plus, the use of Cell-Bio Technology increases its skin-friendliness and helps to create younger-looking skin with an all-day-long bright, clean skin tone.

In particular, the paste texture of HERA CC CREAM is formulated with 50% skincare ingredients to glide on the skin like a cream for a smooth and even skin texture. This perfect Photoshop-like cream has instant brightness and enhanced lasting power to keep the skin bright all day long. HERA CC CREAM CITY DEFENSE protects the skin from harmful substances such as fine dust and yellow dust in the air in the city to prevent it from getting into the pores with a powerful pore-tightening effect for a smooth skin texture. HERA CC SMOOTHING PACT is a new creamy pact containing bright Pixel Pearl that melts onto the skin as soon as it is applied to keep the skin looking bright and smooth all day long without darkening. This new innovative pact will be launched in late March. It features fast setting that helps to create a smooth and soft skin texture.

Experience new 3 HERA CC items in February 2015 for brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin.