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Launch of 2015 HERA ROUGE HOLIC


In January, HERA presents an entirely new ROUGE HOLIC with sensuous Seoul-inspired colors and a soft, melt-in texture for moist, healthy-looking lips.

Upgraded from the old ROUGE HOLIC, the new ROUGE HOLIC brings out the best in lipstick color when applied on the lips with the help of True-Shade Pigment, which glitters in the sunlight and shows richer color and gloss. Its high-elastic texture melts onto the lips and yet feels like a jelly offering true-color, gloss and lasting power as well.

Moreover, an elastic film made from natural vegetable moisturizing squalene oil combined with high-gloss polymer to prevent the loss of moisture from the lips to keep them moist and smooth for a long time.

Take note of the 24 glamorous colors of HERA ROUGE HOLIC this season if you want to get the attractive image of SEOULISTA, a woman of style under international spotlight.