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하기 내용 참조

In June 2017, HERA will release new slim lipstick, ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK for exquisite and elaborate lip makeup with the feel of a makeup artist’s touch.

HERA ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK is a super pigmented slim lipstick with a luminous matte formula that’s perfect for creating different lip makeup looks from the beloved gradation lips to the trendy ombre style and two-tone layering.

With 10 trendy colors for S/S 2017, HERA ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK dances over the lips smoothly swaying between line and surface. Its sharp side exquisitely outlines the lips just like the lip liner does, while its wide side elaborately fills the lips.

Moreover, innovative Ultra Intense Color has a creamy texture which works smoothly to add enriched color to the lips in a single touch and leave a matte finish. A high ratio of pigment particles ensures the sheer beauty of extra rich color and though it is hard and does not easily break or crumble, the texture glides on seamlessly and stays true to the color for a long time.

Pick HERA ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK for your professional lip makeup with intense, enriched trendy colors for S/S 2017. HERA ROUGE HOLIC SLEEK will be available through HERA kiosks in department stores nationwide, duty free shops and Amore counselors.