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HERA releases advanced AQUABOLIC

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In April 2017, HERA introduces new moisturizing AQUABOLIC, essential solution for taking care of skin stressed by the urban environment.

HERA saw the skin dryness problem of women living in the city resulted from complex environmental/external irritants including stress, UV rays and rapid changes in the temperature due to exposure to the heating/cooling system and defined it as an "absence of moisture in the skin". To be specific, it is a loss of moisture caused by changes to moisturizing factors triggered by many different causes of skin stress in the city. Modern women working in their office over eight hours are particularly in a situation of skin dryness emergency as their skin is exposed to the heating/cooling system and, at the same time, irregular hours, night duty, shift schedule and other conditions throw the biological clock into confusion, which results in the worsening of moisture loss in the skin.1

Advanced HERA AQUABOLIC is a product line designed to intensively take care of moisture being nearly absent in the skin through Aqua-Toning™ technology. The key ingredient comprised of betaine and lotus extract provides essential moisture to the skin lacking in moisture, while skin-energizing microalgae and bio minerals revitalize the skin and boost the skin’s ability of retaining moisture for clear, vibrant-looking skin every day.

HERA AQUABOLIC especially offers two types of toner and emulsion for normal/dry skin and oily/combination skin types and AQUABOLIC HYDRO-GEL CREAM and AQUABOLIC HYDRO-WHIPPED CREAM for different seasons and skin conditions. In addition, AQUABOLIC SLEEPING MASK is provided for special care.

HERA AQUABOLIC will be available from April through HERA stores nationwide; it is the solution to absence of moisture in the skin resulted from urban lifestyles for clear, healthy-looking skin every day.

1Result of the research by Biomics Research Team, Amorepacific R&D Center