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A special meeting with Jun Ji-hyun and Peter Lindbergh


Peter Lindbergh said that it’s his mission to capture and express persons as they are. Jun Ji-hyun, the muse for the Korean representative total beauty brand HERA, met Peter Lindbergh, one of the world's top 3 photographers.

The filming of the HERA CELL-BIO CREAM commercial with Peter Lindbergh took place in New York, with the concept of D-Day morning for Gianna Jun, the muse for HERA. In this commercial, Peter Lindbergh captured Gianna Jun starting her special day in a natural setting, but with a dramatic change to express the sophisticated and attractive feminine ideal of HERA. The shooting was full of laughter from beginning to end, with Peter Lindbergh noting in admiration, "Gianna Jun made A-cuts in all poses and maintained a professional attitude throughout the shoot. Now I can see why she has become the leading model of Asia." He also mentioned that her smooth and flawless younger looking skin definitely set her to perfection.

Peter Lindbergh, one of the top 3 photographers in the world

Born in Poland, Peter Lindbergh has become famous for the way his works bring out the emotions and images of models in a natural ambience, rather than using elaborate backgrounds and striking makeup. His Image of Woman series showed the natural beauty of supermodels and famous women in the mid-80s to the mid-90s. His profile and reputation were enhanced in Korea with the first exhibition in Korea last year. He has been hailed as one of the world's top 3 living photographers. This CELL-BIO CREAM commercial, done in collaboration with Peter Lindbergh, will be revealed in January 2015.