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HERA releases NEW MAGIC STARTER for perfecting the skin

하기 내용 참조

In March 2017, HERA releases an advanced version of its multi-purpose starter item, MAGIC STARTER, perfecting the skin just like a selfie filter does.

New MAGIC STARTER is exactly what answers the wants of women: the skin that looks as good and beautiful as it looks in a selfie. It’s called a “selfie filter” solution because it evens out the skin tone and makes sure that makeup stays in place for a long time.

There are three colors which deal with different skin problems and skin tones. All three effectively cover up dull-looking skin, yellowish tint and redness for healthier, vibrant-looking skin. Moreover, it adds a more natural glow to the skin, like it’s achieved using a reflector through the help of HERA’s original light-controlling *Translucent Cover System.

It moisturizes, smoothens and preps the skin to make sure that makeup shows it at its best and, at the same time, its powder puts base makeup such as cushion foundation to place a long-lasting makeup look without caking and darkening.

If you want to make your skin look as beautiful and bright as it looks in your selfie, get MAGIC STARTER. You will look good every day and every moment.

*Translucent Cover System: an effect to let some light cross the skin and some is reflected over the skin for skin that looks naturally brightened up

HERA MAGIC STARTER [35ml / KRW 47,000+]

A multi-purpose starter that’s been hailed as a “selfie filter” offering skin tone correction, a moisturizing effect and a smooth texture for the seamless blend of makeup on the skin