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In January 2017, HERA released an advanced anti-aging serum, AGE AWAY MODIFIER, to care for aging skin exposed to sensory pollution in the city.

New AGE AWAY MODIFIER focuses on dealing with sensory pollution. Sensory pollution is pollution caused by human activities, for example particulate matter, exhaust gas, noise and vibration causing irritation to the skin. AGE AWAY MODIFIER is an anti-aging serum that gives vitality and vibrant energy to modern-day women’s skin, which can be exhausted from sensory pollution.

HERA uses its original targeting technology to support the effective delivery of the core ingredient, Skin-Fill Power™ to keep the skin smooth, supple and healthy in everyday city life.

And its silky texture is specially formulated with extracts of herbs, willow bark and yarrow to form a protective breathing coat over the skin which relieves skin stress and reduces the appearance of wrinkles to make the skin glowing with the ultimate smoothness.

If you want special care with an anti-aging effect, use all five fingers to massage the skin while applying MODIFIER at the serum step in your morning and night skincare routine.

HERA AGE AWAY MODIFIER will help you get rid of skin roughness caused by exposure to sensory pollution in the city and, at the same time, lend energy and delicate smoothness to make your skin healthy and youthful again.

* Skin-Fill Power™ : HERA’s original anti-aging ingredient targets skin that has begun to age in order to remove the signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, lack of firmness, dryness and dullness by directly providing energy to the skin.