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[i-AWARD KOREA] Grand Prize in Cosmetics


The website ( of HERA, a luxury beauty brand from AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (CEO Suh Kyung-bae), won the grand prix in the cosmetics category at the 11th Web Award Korea. "We will build on this award by striving to be a beauty brand that listens to the voice of the customer and provides the best products and service values," said a source from HERA of AMOREPACIFIC.

The HERA website renewal project was designed to reinterpret the image of HERA as a goddess as part of the brand's switch to a more contemporary sensitivity and added brand value. People living in New York, Paris and London are called, variously, New Yorker, Parisian and Londoner. Such nicknames are not political, as such, but rather labels showing people who enjoy the fashion, culture and emotion of a certain city. In 2014, HERA declared its city as Seoul, and named its muse who shows beauty through confidence and pride as 'SEOULISTA', a woman who balances her job and life in harmony between inner and outer worlds. The HERA website was intended to express the brand value of HERA with an overarching design and contents that represent the sensitivity of SEOULISTA as sought after by many Asian women. Plus, the website also reflects the rationale of 'MIZIUM', a symbol of HERA's cutting-edge skin science.

Enhancing mobile convenience with the 'responsive website' – the outstanding visuals of MAKEUP, SKINCARE and HOMME

Launched last July, the HERA website is now a totally renewed site with excellence across all of its functions, design and contents: it's been redesigned as a responsive website to better serve mobile users and provide an upgraded search method for easy navigation of product information. Plus, it reinforces brand identity through its use of high quality visuals.

Redesigned as a responsive website, the HERA website can be accessed on a variety of devices, as the screen automatically changes depending on screen resolution, ensuring convenient and stable accessibility for visitors. According to the evaluation panel of the Web Award Korea, the website "has actively utilized visual imagery by considering their compatibility across various devices, while maintaining a high level of readability and image quality. Despite being a responsive website, it maintains a unified brand identity and beauty of design in one place."

Cosmetics are typically categorized by function, type and line, and most cosmetics websites apply such product classification through a GNB or LNB menu. But, the HERA website applies a concept called 'Smart Search' that enables users to see a wide range of product categories at a glance. Plus, it features integrated search motion technology for enhanced customer convenience.

Product details satisfy consumers with contents that are simple and readable to meet the intended purpose of providing product information. In addition, motion which moves along with the top GNB elements keeps user interest, while also facilitating access to sub-menus. The 'HIGHLIGHTS' menu in the product information displays a collection of digital marketing activities associated with the products, enabling omni-channel marketing, while information on this season's makeup looks focus on the latest trends and 'how-tos', which help consumers choose the right products for them.

The HERA website was also rated highly for its design. The site's high quality visuals, which were created in collaboration with the AMOREPACIFIC Brand Design Lab, ensure brand consistency, with a luxurious tone and manner. The product categories of MAKEUP, SKINCARE and HOMME in the main page are expressed sensitively through nuanced visualizations, and the BRAND STORY including SEOULISTA and MIZIUM also create a sophisticated feel by utilizing directly opposing images. Thanks to these merits, the website was evaluated to shed new light on the HERA brand, rather than simply showing products. Rolling banners that give the site rhythm and a category name appearing when the mouse hovers over the banner are also noticeable improvements for consumer convenience.

The MAGAZINE menu is a new menu that has been specifically developed to optimize the offline HERA magazine for various search engines, while also providing visitors to the site with a wide range of high quality contents that show the world of the HERA brand. The LIBRARY menu provides a variety of contents, including TV commercials, online videos, prints, and Facebook galleries so that consumers can find product and brand information and peruse the latest trends, while, from the brand perspective, also functioning as an archive. In addition, the renewed EVENT and BOUTIQUE menus also provide improved convenience for major customer participation functions, including event participation and boutique reservations.

To respond to changing global demand, search engine optimization was implemented along with a website renewal to enable the site to be exposed not only on domestic portals, but also on foreign ones, such as Google and Baidu.

"While many talk only about their products, HERA has led the aesthetics of Korea with its sensitivity and sense that are ahead of the times," said Lee Ji-won, HERA's BM Team Leader. "We will continue to pioneer new ways as an icon that represents K-beauty, as well as the beauty of the times."

Grand Prize in the cosmetics category at the 11th Web Award Korea web award 11th winner