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In November 2016, HERA released BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL that adds a natural glow to the skin before makeup with a refreshing sensation without stickiness.

HERA's new BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL is effective for sustaining glossy skin all day, even in a dry environment. The Fast-to-Go Formula allows the product to be quickly absorbed without stickiness the moment it touches the skin to create a solid foundation before makeup that provides smooth and naturally glowing makeup-ready skin. Also referred to as BB Oil, this product makes the skin more delicate and clear by adding a rich glow to the skin before makeup.

The smooth, light texture that's unique to BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL can be mixed and matched with a variety of cosmetics, as well as also providing great skincare. You can pour a small quantity of oil onto your palms and gently tap on your face after base makeup, or mix a drop or two of the product to foundation or HERA UV MIST CUSHION when applying makeup to provide a natural glow and instant vitality.

This new product makes the skin texture smooth with the excellent moisturizing effect of Cell-Bio Glow™, a harmony of four natural botanical oils: coconut, argan, jojoba, and rose hip oils.

Using this product consistently after serum every morning and night will help you add a natural glow to the skin, keeping it rich and glossy all day, while also providing a daily makeup boosting effect.

If you were not comfortable with the heaviness of oil before and after makeup and yet still needed hydration in the dry weather, use HERA’s BEAUTY BOOSTING FACIAL OIL which gives a refreshing sensation without stickiness for a moist and natural glow.

* Fast-to-go Formula: Formula in a new concept stabilized by blending natural oil with light oil that increases compatibility between oils