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Release of Winter Holiday Edition Sirious
available only for a limited period


HERA is releasing Winter Holiday Edition Sirious for only a limited period as part of the concept of Sirius, the brightest star in the winter night's sky.

HERA's holiday edition this year focuses on expressing a fascinating woman who brightens her surroundings with her brilliant luster and passion, even in the middle of a cold winter. The holiday makeup trend HERA proposes is to express thin and delicate skin tone and create glittering delicate eyes with glittering silver, gold and purple point liner, while expressing lips in red and wine color.

HERA's Holiday Edition Sirious consists of AUTO GEL PENCIL LINER [0.5 g, 25,000+ KRW] and is available in 3 colors, ROUGE HOLIC [3.5 g, 32,000+ KRW] of 3 colors: #27 NELA ROSE, #43 PURPLE GRACE, and #49 VAMPISH WINE, as well as ROUGE HOLIC GLOW LIQUID [5 ml, 32,000+ KRW] that comes in 3 colors and provides moist application on the skin.

In the winter of 2014, let's pay attention to HERA Winter Holiday Edition Sirious for the brightest moments in our lives.