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In May 2016, HERA launches one-step cleanser PURYFING CLEANSING WATER that completely removes makeup to leave the skin feeling clean, fresh and well moisturized.

PURIFYING CLEANSING WATER is a one-step cleanser with exceptional cleansing power. It helps you completely cleanse away makeup with water, without using a special remover or extra washing, unless you are wearing really heavy makeup. It is especially effective as cleansing oil, but offers the unique fresh finish of cleansing water to leave the skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturized.

The base water formulated with HERA's original Isotonic Balancing Water System™ maintains the skin's natural moisture level. It is proven to be safe on sensitive skin around the eyes through the eye irritation test (HET-CAM).

In addition, the natural calendula extract in this new product helps protect the skin against external irritants, soothing and leaving it feeling moisturized after cleansing, just like a toner does.

HERA PURIFYING CLEANSING WATER for complete cleansing of makeup and a fresh, moisturized finish is available through HERA counters in department stores around Korea from May 2016.