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In May 2016, HERA of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation introduces new upgraded EYE DESIGNER PENCIL for the summer season.

New EYE DESIGNER PENCIL offers 10 rich colors for various beautiful eye makeup looks – creamy textured BLACK and BROWN for sharp defined look, full METALLIC BROWN with shimmering pearls, MANNISH GRAY, PACIFIC BLUE, URBAN KHAKI, ROYAL PURPLE, SUEDE BURGUNDY, STARRY IVORY and CLOUDY SKY. It seamlessly blends in with the skin to add depth and yet remain clean without smudging, thanks to its powerful waterproof effect. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivatives and sunflower oil to work mild on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Its transformation from pencil to auto type is astounding. Slim EYE DESIGNER PENCIL uses a sharpener inside to help express exquisite lines. Waterproof auto pencil type EYE DESIGNER PENCIL with rich color for SEOULISTA's gorgeous sharp eye makeup look is available through HERA stores and online from June 2016.