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The secret of naturally good looking skin


HERA HOMME is releasing HOMME CC CREAM [triple functionality of UV protection, wrinkle care and whitening], the first CC cream ever released under prestige brands worldwide, which expresses men's skin that looks naturally good by taking care of the tone, color and texture of the skin.

HERA HOMME CC CREAM SPF35 PA++(50 ml, 40,000+ KRW)is a CC cream that works like an essence to create moist and smooth men's skin through internal and external skincare. Emulsion containing HERA HOMME Skincare's unique Men's Abcell™ ingredient by 50% forms a thin moisture film on the skin, creating a healthy lustrous skin texture. In addition, fine powder takes care of skin color and tone and covers skin bumps, giving men a natural 'photoshop' effect. This product has triple functionality, offering UV protection, whitening and wrinkle care, while also protecting the skin from the external environment with its natural combination complex ingredient to give energetic, healthy skin.

HERA HOMME CC CREAM is recommended for use in the last stage of basic products. Take an amount as small as a little fingernail on the back of your hand, and dab and apply it in a thin and uniform manner on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, working in that order using your fingertips from the inside outwards. It applies on moistly and softly, meaning that it works comfortably to bring new energy to the skin and give it a fresh, dry finish.

If you want to captivate the feelings of women with naturally good looking skin this fall, then check out HERA HOMME CC CREAM.