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하기 내용 참조

Comprehensive Air-quality Index (CAI) scores have been a mainstay of weather forecasts since forever. CAI scores reflect levels of noxious materials in the air, including particulate matter, ozone and carbon monoxide. At levels above 100, you need to be extra cautious when going outside. Particulate matter can cause damage to the skin within 24 hours of exposure. What the skin really needs is a shield to protect it.

HERA introduces SUN MATE PROTECTOR, a triple-function suncare product for UV protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle. It not only protects the skin against UV rays and harmful environmental factors, but also keeps the skin younger when applied.

The key feature of HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR is its C.U.T. System (Control of UV Trap). With the powerful protection of SPF50+ and PA+++ and anti-oxidative Anti-R Complex, it effectively alleviates *TrapR™ in the skin to make the skin younger and healthier.
(*TrapR™: an element which makes the skin weak and tired under the influence of UV rays, stress and environmental irritants)

SUN MATE PROTECTOR contains an extract of Water Hyacinth, an aquatic vascular plant that's effective in purifying the skin. It protects the skin against external irritants as well as particulate matter, while also strengthening the natural defensive power of the skin. In addition, its light glide-on texture is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an unnecessary oily feel and its gorgeous color creates a luminous even-toned skin. Not to mention, it has a refreshing yet elegant scent of hyacinth that the old SUN MATE did not have. This summer, SUN MATE PROTECTOR will make your city life a lot better. Enjoy Your City!

HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR will be available at HERA stores around Korea and online from March.