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Linen Breeze is available only for a limited period

하기 내용 참조

For the upcoming summer reason, HERA is releasing Linen Breeze, a summer edition that's available only in a limited period, and which uses the motif of light and cool linen.

The summer resort makeup trend for 2014 is to express natural and pure eyes with soft pearl color on smooth, radiant skin and then make a point with pastel-colored glossy lips. HERA Linen Breeze focuses on expressing the image of an elegant woman in soft pastel colors in a resort as part of the concept of a relaxing resort look.

HERA's summer edition Linen Breeze consists of five makeup products in a variety of colors. This edition is perfect for getting cool, delicate resort makeup as it consists of a foundation pact that makes the skin texture as light and dry as linen, a pastel-toned COLOR TINT AND LIP GLOSS DUO and NAIL DUO, and GEL PENCIL LINER and EYEBROW MASCARA for getting natural eye makeup.

This summer, let's make lighter and fresher resort makeup with Linen Breeze.