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Aquabolic Hydro Serum HERA Singapore
Korean Serum Singapore


Moisturizing serum strengthening skin’s moisture energy to allow the skin to lock in abundant moisture

all skin types day/night
Korean Beauty Serum HERA Singapore

Auroral Hydro-PearlTM to keep a tight hold of the skin barrier

Hydro-PearlTM comprising lipids, essential components of the skin, tightens the skin barrier to help the skin retain moisture and stay moisturized and healthy all day long.

* Hydro-Crystallization Technology: Patent-pending technology of Amorepacific developed to stabilize micro-sized steric molecules of ingredients similar to the skin’s essential component, lipids, for moisturizing and restoration the skin’s natural glow

Aquabolic Hydro Serum HERA SG

Aqua-ToningTM deals with the problem of almost absent skin moisture

Lotus extract and betaine provide moisture to the skin and bio mineral concentrate helps the skin stay energetic, full of moisture.

Korean Face Serum SG

Texture giving a cool refreshing sensation

It is a brilliant auroral moisturizing serum bursting into moisture along with a cooling sensation. Plus, it works great with other types of essence for layering.

Korean Serum SG

how to

  • Take an adequate amount after using the emulsion in the morning and at night, and apply across the face from the inside working outward.
  • Use: 0.3ml (diameter: 1.2cm)
  • How to Use
  • Shelf Life
    • Shelf life: Marked on the bottle
    • Storing: Keep the product at 10–30ºC, away from direct sunlight.