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Makeup cushion foundation with a lightweight texture for comfortable yet beautiful skin all day long

all skin types day/night UV protection
15g x 2

HERA X Edith Carron Collaboration
'Secret Party' Collection

HERA X Edith Carron Collaboration<br>'Secret Party' Collection image
HERA 2018 S/S Collaboration Secret Party Collection HERA

Secret party at midnight with spring excitement in the air and beauty secrets for a magical transformation

Lightweight texture that blends into the skin seamlessly for a perfect fit

Ultra Fine Powder Dispersion technology offers light yet full coverage, while mica coated with amino acid derivatives blends in with the skin for enhanced brightness.

Double layer of foundation is evenly applied over the skin and stays put for long hours

Double Lasting Layer comprises two layers: a hard layer and a soft film for makeup that lasts longer.

Non-sticky fresh matte finish

Matte Finish Gel leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and matte without a sticky feeling. Gel dispersed in liquid phase gives a semi-matte finish, like powder applied on top of foundation.

how to

  • Put MAGIC STARTER mostly to the diamond zone on the face in a circular motion.
  • Gently blend over the face to prep the skin. (Diamond zone: connecting the center of the forehead, of both cheeks and the chin)
  • Put an adequate amount of BLACK CUSHION on the puff and apply by gently dabbing it along the contour of the face. (Contour line: from the center to the outer edge of the face)
  • HERA BLACK CUSHION runs along the contours of the face to bring out the best shape with added dimension.

How to replace the refill

  • Press the arrow mark at the back of the product with your thumb.
  • Push the bottom of the product up.
  • Separate the refill that pops up.
  • Push the new refill into place.
  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 12 months from opening.
  • Cautions
    • Keep the product closed after using it. If you leave it open, moisturizing and other ingredients good for the skin may evaporate and cause the cushion sponge to shrink.
    • If you use your hands to apply the product, you may not be able to feel its cooling sensation.