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A lip pencil with a texture that effortlessly glides over the lips with vivid colors for all different styles

all skin types day/night


Eight highly saturated colors for colorful lip makeup

Lip liner offering vivid and dense color for different looks including full-lip and gradation styles. Eight colors that go well with every color of lipstick.

Super long stay

Non-sticky texture applies evenly and seamlessly to give long-lasting color.

Silky soft gliding texture

Glides on effortlessly and smoothly without irritating delicate lips. Easy to adjust the thickness using the sharpener for free drawing—sharp thin line or soft, rounded tips.

how to

  • Remove the lip color using a cleansing oil, emulsion or remover and wash the face with a cleanser to completely wash it off.
  • Keep the pencil closed after using it.
  • Use the enclosed sharpener.


Long-lasting color: Lip color coverage
  • Fill in the lips with NO.8 DEER BEIGE from the inside.
  • Make sure that you keep the color within the lines.
  • Apply ROUGE HOLIC CREAM NO.415 FEMME BEIGE to the lips.
Perfect look: Full-lips
  • Trace the Cupid’s bow and bottom lip with NO.7 RED BALLOON.
  • Connect the line from the outer edges of the lips.
  • Apply ROUGE HOLIC MATTE NO.345 CARMEN to the lips.
Pure and natural look: Using one color for a lip tint effect
  • Remove the dead skin cells and provide moisture to the lips using LIP POLISH & MASK.
  • Fill in the lips halfway toward the center using NO.6 CORAL DOWN.
  • Use the fingertips to blend and create gradation.
Dimensional look: Using two colors for a lip tint effect
  • Trace the shape of the lips with NO.3 PASTEL PINK.
  • Fill in the lips halfway toward the center using NO.2 MAGENTA PINK.
  • Use the fingertips to blend and create gradation.
  • Shelf Life
    Use within 18 months from opening.
  • Cautions
    1. Do not use the product for other than the intended purpose.
    2. Do not keep the product at high/low temperatures or in any area exposed to direct sunlight.
    3. Stop using the product if any abnormal symptoms occur.