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Easy Touch Concealer HERA Singapore
Korean Makeup Concealer Singapore
Korean Beauty Concealer HERA Singapore


An easy to use spot concealer for perfect, flawless skin

all skin types day/night


Korean Cosmetics Concealer HERA SG

A concealer with thin, light texture that perfectly covers imperfections

Porous multi-powder spreads thinly and lightly over the face, working with the skin’s complexion for perfect coverage of blemishes, freckles and acne. It is so mild, it’s suitable for use on the sensitive skin around the eyes area that’s prone to dryness.

Skin-fitting polymer with excellent hold

With the high-fix technology that helps hold makeup in place, the concealer lasts all day long without becoming washed away or smudged, even when applied on top of makeup. In addition, it is formulated with a skin-fitting polymer and oil to sit on the skin instantly upon application and provide perfect coverage. It is not washed away by water or sweat, but removable only through cleansing.

Non-sticky, silky finish

Flexible gel formula leaves a soft, smooth finish. You can create a natural look whether you apply before or after putting on the foundation.

how to

    Dot a small amount on the part that you wish to cover, such as blemishes and freckles; dab it on the skin using your fingers.

  • Shelf Life
    • Use within 12 months from opening.
    • Keep the product at 10–30ºC away from direct sunlight.
  • Precautions
    • Do not use for other purposes than makeup.
    • Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
    • If there is something wrong with your skin, please discontinue use.