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A soft-textured, long-lasting auto eyebrow pencil.

all skin types day/night
Korean Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil HERA SG

Creating a natural-looking line

Uses smooth, velvet silky-like textured soft sliding powder. The rich soft sliding powder content gives a powdery, skin-fitting finish for natural looking brows.

Korean Beauty Products Eyebrow Pencil HERA SG

Creating an even line

New soft-wax formula is made from wax that has a low melting point to give the best finish. It allows you to draw an even, uniform line without any lumps.

Excellent long-lasting power

Porous powder absorbs the sweat and sebum that the skin produces to prevent the eyebrow line and makeup from smudging or fading away.

how to

  1. After base makeup, use the brush to comb the eyebrows.
  2. Use the longer side of the elliptical pencil to draw the contour of the eyebrows.
  3. Hold the pencil upright to fill the inside of the contours. (Use Natural Eyebrow Pact for more delicate eyebrows.)
  4. Use the brush again to comb the eyebrows to tidy up the unnecessary residues.
  5. Use the brow mascara to enhance the texture of eyebrows.