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Daily Eye Make-up

Hi, this is makeup artist Woori Han.
Hi, this is makeup artist Woori Han. 大家好,我是化妆师韩友利。

Eye makeup is the key to the creation of different looks for women. Today, I’d like to give you a step-by-step demonstration of how you can do your daily eye makeup.

1. Eyeliner

First, lift the eyelids and fill in the spaces between the lashes close to the upper waterline.
Then, with your eyes open, mark the outer edge of your eyes.
Make sure that you keep your eyes open when marking the outer edge of the eyes, so you can more easily find the right shape for your eyes.

Next, draw a diagonal line starting from the outer edge of the eyes working toward the center and follow up by filling in the line.
Use short strokes to draw a beautiful line.
Extend the line from the innermost corner of the eyes to the center.

Lastly, check the shape of the line with your eyes open and touch up the shape as needed. (Product used: HERA EYE DESIGNER PENCIL NO.1 BLACK)

2. Eyeshadow

Use non-pearly shading eyeshadow to add length and dimension to the eyes. (HERA SHADOW DUO NO.9 NUDE BROWN)
Blend the brown eyeshadow into the edge of the eyeliner for a more natural, seamless look.
Here, we need to move the brush up and down, not side to side. (An image of the brush required.) This is a key point. (HERA SHADOW DUO NO.8 PINE CONE)

Finally, for a bright, vibrant look, we’ll give a light sweep of the coral color eyeshadow at the center of the eyelids and right under the lower water line and then lightly dab the natural pearly color. (HERA SHADOW DUO NO.9 CHIFFON ORANGE / NO.8 HONEY)

3. Mascara

Now, let’s use the eyelash curler to add some volume to the eyelashes. Line up the lower plate of the curler with the root of the lashes and pick up the eyelids gently. (Mark the line.)

Then, we need to lightly press the eyelids with your left hands when applying mascara. This is to make sure its brush touches the root of the lashes.

If you have short, thin lashes, use two types of mascara for a more dramatic finish. Use volume mascara first and then a curling or long lash mascara to keep the curls from drooping down yet still create a full, voluminous look. (Product: HERA RICH VOLUME MASCARA, HERA RICH LONG LASH WATERPROOF MASCARA)

Let’s finish up with SENSUAL TINT NO.2 DANCING ROSE, which is great for an everyday look.
Now, you should be able to do your eye makeup quite easily – from eyeliner to mascara.

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