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Anti-aging solution to make the skin vibrant again


Powerful vitality of narcissus

HERA SIGNIA offers powerful anti-aging benefits with narcissus cells that deliver powerful vitality and Stem-CordTM technology. Especially SIGNIA CREAM with the concentration of three million narcissus cells creates healthy, naturally youthful looking skin. The skin may lose its firmness and grow tired as you age. However, with HERA SIGNIA CREAM, you can fight the aging of the skin and bring it back to its youthful look.

SIGNIA CREAM delivering the powerful vitality of three million narcissus (plant) cells for dazzlingly radiant skin

SIGNIA CREAM: three key points

Vitality of narcissus
Narcissus has a strong vitality to flower even in harsh environments and will rejuvenate your skin.
Powerful anti-aging
HERA’s original Stem-CordTM technology delivers active ingredients effectively to keep the skin looking young and healthy.
Delightful texture
Mildly scented with a soft fragrance, the formula penetrates the skin quickly with a refreshing finish to deliver a delightful sensation.