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Skincare gift for men


Gift to boost men’s confidence in their skin

Men’s skin is different from women’s meaning that they have different skincare needs to women. HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN SKIN is one solution to treat skin concerns common to men—excessive sebum production, enlarged pores, dry skin, dull skin tone and wrinkles. Penta-Power Complex™, the fruit of years of research on men’s skin, revitalizes the skin to bring back youthful energy. ESSENCE IN SKIN has an 87.2% mix of essential ingredients including caffeine known as a moisturizing ingredient to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, as well as vitamin B3 for skin brightening, vitamin B5 for soothing and minerals to boost the skin’s energy. HERA HOMME ESSENCE IN EMULSION is an emulsion exclusively for men’s skin. It balances the oil-moisture level in men’s skin and controls excessive sebum production and enlarged pores with Smart Powder to prevent the skin from looking too shiny. HERA HOMME Special Duo Edition is a 2-step solution package, the perfect gift for men’s skin, particularly during the winter.

HOMME Special Duo Edition
High-functional anti-aging toner with a high concentration of Penta-Power Complex™ and emulsion for oil-moisture balancing