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Beautiful, luminous skin


Powerful vitality

HERA SIGNIA offers a unique anti-aging experience with the essence of the powerful vital energy within narcissus, a tenacious flower that blossoms in cold snow and sprouts from dehydrated bulbs. In particular, SIGNIA AMPOULE keeps this powerful anti-oxidation energy in a stable state until it mixes an extract of five million narcissus cells right before application to ensure intensive anti-aging effect for the skin. It protects the skin against external irritants including stress and UV rays during the day and recovers the skin overnight. It is a four-week program designed in tune with the skin’s turnover cycle to bring about a great improvement in four weeks.

Four-week total anti-aging ampoule program with the essence of narcissus for a bright, healthy complexion and supple skin with a youthful glow that comes from within

SIGNIA AMPOULE: Three key points

Intensive anti-aging
The extract of five million narcissus cells and anti-oxidation energy come into action right before it’s applied to give exceptional glow and firmness to the skin.
Total anti-aging
It safeguards the skin against external irritants during the day and provides intensive anti-aging and antioxidant effects during the night for complete anti-aging treatment throughout the day.
4-week anti-aging program
Four-week total anti-aging program tuned to the skin's cell turnover cycle for the improvement of the skin texture and firmness