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Skincare solution to become more beautiful with every passing day


Smooth and supple skin

Fall is a tough time for skin. It brings chilly weather and cold harsh winds - all which make the skin easily dry, rough, lose its firmness and in the long term, develop wrinkles. In particular, the thin and delicate skin around the eyes and mouth, and middle of the forehead is more prone to wrinkles. HERA WRINKLE CORRECTOR with CorrectinoidTM and Wrinkle Peptide is an anti-wrinkle master that helps reduce the appearance of different types of wrinkles and improves the skin’s firmness to keep it smooth and supple.

Anti-wrinkle master cream for intensive treatment of different types of wrinkles

Three key features of WRINKLE CORRECTOR

Powerful anti-wrinkle effect
CorrectinoidTM strengthens the layer of the skin providing firmness in the area that easily develops wrinkles through exogenous (environmental cause) and endogenous (internal) factors for more supple and stronger skin.
Supple and smooth skin looking youthful
Wrinkle Peptide takes care of the area prone to fine lines resulting from facial expressions to prevent them from turning into deep wrinkles and keep the skin smooth.
Creamy and blendable texture
Creamy and rich texture gets absorbed into the skin smoothly and seamlessly, particularly between fine lines to moisturize and soften the skin without any feeling of stickiness.