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For the skin’s ideal balance


HERA ROSY-SATIN CREAM for the skin, perfect inside and out

Perfect skin is a key to perfect makeup. HERA ROSY-SATIN CREAM completes smooth and healthy skin that’s fully hydrated from within through three-dimensional care for skin texture. A fine and evenly structured skin surface prevents loss of moisture while keeping it as smooth as a rose petal. ROSY-SATIN CREAM also encourages the bonding inside to create glow from within.

Skin texture care cream for ‘rosy-satin’ skin that is supple inside and out, like rose petals

ROSY-SATIN CREAM’s three key features

HERA’s compelling original technology
HERA’s original ‘ROSY-SATIN COMPLEX’ stimulates the workings of the skin cells for healthy, fine and supple skin.
Three-dimensional care for skin texture
ROSY-SATIN CREAM promotes skin cell turnover to enhance the fine structure of the skin.
Sensual texture and fragrance
Mousse cake-like texture and delicate scent of roses give a long-lingering feeling of relaxation and comfort for skin.