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SIGNIA WATER & EMULSION for luminous skin

Dull, dehydrated skin calls for a spring skincare solution as January’s winter melts into February’s spring. HERA SIGNIA WATER and SIGNIA EMULSION are formulated with Narcissus Water™, filled with nature’s strong energy by extracting rich moisture and antioxidants from flowers, stems, leaves and roots of narcissus via natural extraction process. Fresh and pristine as the morning dew, Narcissus Water™ will awaken your skin’s vital energy every morning with its powerful moisturizing and antioxidant ability.

Total anti-aging water that purifies the skin with its Narcissus-Dew™ with evenly distributed Gold Drop
Total anti-aging emulsion with the essence-like formula providing a brimful of moisture with Narcissus Water™

HERA SIGNIA: Three key points

Fresh Narcissus Water™
Abundant moisture and antioxidants are extracted from narcissus flowers, stems, leaves and roots using an environmentally-friendly method to obtain clear and healthy energy.
Firm skin base
The formula contains Narcissus Water™ to moisturize and firm the skin while supplying a sufficient level of moisture and nutrition to amplify the effectiveness of SIGNIA products in the following steps.
Luxurious texture
Narcissus-Dew™ Water with Gold Drops evenly dispersed by Gold Floating technology, and the highly moisturizing yet refreshing texture of emulsion provides a sensuous satisfaction.