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HERA Signia


Total anti-aging, HERA Signia

Contains tenacious narcissus extracts

HERA’s Signia line contains the essence of narcissus’ powerful vitality which produces flower amid cold snow and sprouts from barren land. It delivers a special anti-aging effect.

Essence of HERA’s plant cell research

HERA was the first to discover the essence of strong vitality, the narcissus plant cell. This was teamed up with Stem-CordTM technology providing vitality that grows stronger with age.

Produces high synergy effect

Signia Cream presents elasticity to the skin. It is effective when used with an anti-oxidative ampoule. Signia Serum makes the skin glow, and Signia Eye Treatment offers vitality around the eyes.

Visible Skin Transformation

You will experience Signia line’s subtle glow and long-lasting moisture. This has been proven through a high user satisfaction rate and a positive change of attitude towards skin.

Signia Ampoule for a skin turnover

Signia Ampoule contains anti-oxidative ingredients in a sealed bottle. Just before application, the inner content is mixed with the outer one which contains narcissus plant cells to provide immediate antiaging effect. The combined ingredients protect the skin against external irritants during the day, while providing care treatment at night. The ampoule program is tuned to the skin’s 28 day-turnover cycle.

Signia Cream for skin elasticity

Signia Cream contains a strong vitality of narcissus. The concentrated narcissus plant cells permeate deeply into the skin upon application and its firmness can be felt immediately through the finger tips. The highly-concentrated texture melts gently on the skin offering a long-lasting softness and moisture. Also, the gentle narcissus scent enhances the charm of Signia cream.