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HERA Life Bio Skincare


Replenishes the skin with healthy energy

Smoky pollution, dry wind from the heater, cell phone vibrations, and booming music.

All of these ‘sensory pollutions’ attack the skin which makes it lose defensiveness and weaken. The skin barrier helps to protect the skin from various irritants but when it weakens then the skin becomes sensitive towards irritants causing moisture to leave through the disheveled barrier. It causes the skin to dry out easily while speeding up its aging process. Age Away Modifier is a total anti-aging solution which helps to charge energy to the skin.

It has an immediate skin improving effect and contains Skin-Fill Power™ which targets areas where skin aging has begun and replenishes the exhausted skin. The Skin-Fill Power™ is a combination of HERA’s anti-aging ingredient Smart ERP and Fill Power Peptide which strengthens skin elasticity. This helps to boost the skin’s fundamental strength and instill healthy energy into the skin.