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Meets SEOULISTA – Kim Noori


Kim Noori loves enjoying new styles and then recreating her own style. Her ties to the fashion industry began when she graduated from a university majoring in Metal Design and began working at a brand PR agency.

Her work allowed her to be the first to come across new products of various designs which helped her to develop a unique discernment in style. Before she knew it, she had built up a strong network within the fashion industry and her career produced synergy when she quit work after getting married.

She began to make jewelry at home and wore the self-made jewelry. Seeing her work, many acquaintances began to commission her to make jewelry for photoshoots and celebrity stylists asked her to sponsor jewelry items for television shows.

As Kim began to expand her jewelry work, it naturally led to launch her own brand Numbering. Its minimal yet sophisticated design is not common and since the 2013 launch its popularity has continued to increase.

All of this began unexpectedly but she became charmed with leading a brand. In 2016, she launched another brand Refur which produces apparel made of fur materials. Her friend, the head of jewelry brand Bittersweet, took charge of distribution while Kim took charge of design and marketing.

They both preferred details in moderation and structured design which led to a successful brand development. She is confident that the two brands will match well with Seoul women who absorb new things with ease and enjoy sophisticated culture.

The motto for the two brands that I lead is to show beauty within precision
  • You were born and raised in Seoul. What do you think of the city?

    Seoul maintains a competitive edge at all times where people are not allowed to fall behind. Sometimes the constant competition and rapid change appear to be dreary. But its competitive edge embraces a flexibility that can absorb anything.
  • What’s the trait of Seoulites?

    what they like and dislike, and have a sophisticated attitude where they respect other people’s preferences. Also, they like everything to be fast.
  • What types of brands are Numbering and Refur?

    Numbering is a contemporary jewelry brand, made up of minimal design using silver material. It is not overly expensive, but you can match it with any clothes at any place. Practicality is the motto for Refur. Its fur material apparel is designed to match well with everyday wear items.
  • What are you most interested in?

    I focus on living a healthy life. I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and take Pilates twice a week. Pilates makes me use muscles, so it helps to loosen up knotted muscles from work.